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25707 S. Highway 66
Claremore, Ok 74019

Fire Station #1



Fire Suppression

If somethings on fire and it shouldn't be, we're the ones to call! In all seriousness,

we respond to a variety of fire emergencies including structural, wildland, brush, electrical, and vehicular.

Our fire apparatus is capable of handling

any situation and our strong relationships with our neighbooring emergeny agencies allows us to respond effectively and efficiently to any emergency in our district.

Vehicle Accidents

A car accident can be a very scary time, especially if someone you love is injured. Our crews train extensively in vehicle extrication, stabilization and emergency medical treatment in order to respond quickly when even second count! Our apparatus contains top-notch rescue equipment, including the "Jaws Of Life", so we can do the job right and get your loved ones advanced medical care as soon as possible. 

Medical Emergencies

All of our crew members are trained and certified as First Responder and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT). We train monthly in the latest life-saving medical care practices and know how to respond to all types of medical emergencies from sick calls, industrial accidents, household emergencies, falls, and cardiac events. Rest assured that our crew members will always be there to serve you in an utmost kind and professional manner.

Haz-Mat Emergencies

Our community is not only a great place to live, but also a great place to do business. There are dozens of local businesses that call Verdigris their home. Many of these business handle hazardous materials. Additionally, with the railroad and multiple high-traffic highways in our district, the potential of tanker spills is present. We train extensively to respond to chemical leaks & spills and frequently train with regional response agencies to be prepared at any given moment. 

Mass-Trauma Emergencies

One thing we all know about Oklahoma is that it can be full of a lot of unknowns! Our crews train to respond to natural disasters including tornadoes, earthquakes, flooding, and high winds. Additionally, we train in response proceedures for active-shooter and terrorism attacks. While the average person would rather not even think about a horrible event like this happening, we believe it is our duty to be prepared, rather than be surprised. We stand ready to respond at a moments notice.

Community Involvement

We believe that the best way to be close to our community is to be out "in it". That's why you'll see our crews at local events, school functions, business community days, church events, local parades and local eateries. In addition to just visiting with those in our community, we work to educate our children and area citizens how to prevent emergencies and how to respond to an emergency if one does occur. Fire safety starts with us, and we don't take that responsibility lightly!

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