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Greetings Verdigris Businesses,

As always, our department is working vigilantly every day to provide proactive fire and life safety protection to our district. An integral part of our services delivered remains to be fire inspections. In order to prevent fires and other emergencies from occurring, our inspections must not only enforce the laws and regulations, but educate our community on safe workplace practices.

In order to keep providing this education without the ability to visit personally, we have started a Fire and Life Safety Self-Inspection Program. Our goal is to maintain a safe environment for our citizens while limiting any interruptions to your daily operations a formal fire inspection may cause.

This Self-Inspection Program is designed to allow business owners or managers of low-hazard occupancies the chance to complete and submit a short checklist that could serve as the annual fire inspection. This form helps educate our business leaders and employees while giving our department the vital data we need to ensure your fire code compliance.

In order to stay uniform with our requirements, my office will designate the businesses allowed to take part in the Self-Inspection Program. If your business has been given the opportunity, please take the time to complete the following checklist and submit it back to us. Please answer each question truthfully and to the best of your ability. If your business is not in full compliance with the fire codes, it will only warrant our office to call or visit you for more education. The answers you provide will not cause you to be fined or cited. Our goal with this program is to provide a safe environment and to educate you; it is not designed as an enforcement tool.

If your business is not pre-designated to take part in this program and would like consideration, please contact my office and I would be happy to discuss that option with you. I look forward to a continued partnership with you to keep Verdigris Fire District safe.

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